Thursday, February 21, 2008

Can you say shattered?

You see that weather causing riders to drop out of ToC with hypothermia? Thats what we got today. But colder. High down here in the valley of 4 and pissing rain. I hear -12 up on the Blue Ridge. We had a long day on the sched, I think you get the picutre... Me and the Race boys (plus Geoff) headed off about a little before 9, to get a hour in before heading to the camp kids house to pick them up and lead their 6 hour ride. Figured it would be good to get our extra miles in before the afternoon rain. After all, we planned a 7-8 hours. Picked up the kids group and hit the road up and into Georgia. As we arrived into Georgia, 4 hours for Sandy, the rain began. Light for a while, but then it got hard. Soon, we soaked and rolling back. Pull up to the house to drop the camp kids off after about 7 hours before heading off for the solo trek home. Most people were a little smarter than me and cut home earlier. Cold to the core, but happy. End totals, 7:45, 210km. Shiet. I'd say this qualifies as the definition of epic. For sure the best shower ever after that. Now a few layers of wool sweaters and plenty of tea. Needless to say I should sleep like a bloody baby tonight. On the plus side, my legs are feeling strong, and my body is looking forward to a well deserved rest day tomorrow. Enjoy your evening, I need some food and then sleep.

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