Wednesday, February 6, 2008

T minus 2

The departure time approaches. It is now merely a matter of time until I figure out what I have forgotten upon arriving in Seneca. I almost feel like we should get a pool going on what item(s). To help this matter, I have derived an extremely fool proof and accurate method of list making: find random scraps of paper, write whatever has just popped into your head, toss that paper onto the desk. I will let everyone know how this turns out, but I am feeling good vibes from my organizational side. He is usually quite quiet and shy. Apparently my precious reports on packing activity in my vicinity were erroneous. I apologize for any stress this may have caused my readers. To be fair I have as of yet: decided to leave the pile of laundry on my floor as the "clean and possibly packing" pile and burned (almost) 2 CDs. A subcommittee will be formed to investigate any possible contenders from 'The' pile. They are loosely connected to the "internet time wasting" committee who is currently receiving the majority of our funds. Letgo on record that I have also labeled said CDs with magic marker. I am also making an attempt to compile my many rando lists into on piece of paper. Kinda like scrap booking, but hopefully less lame. Spent a decent amount of time this morning drinking coffee, but also managed a nice hour and a half spin on the trainer watching the snow fall. Spent my afternoon in class, pretty far from my favourite activity. But at least I beat the class average on the math test. Let's just say that I more than passed, while a large portion of the class (ok, most of it) will be taking advantage of the "re-test" option coming up. Good thing as I will not be here for said re-test. Tonight on the dinner menu, baked salmon with mixed veggies and lentils. Sounds promising. Plus Iron Chef is on at 9, so my evening is pretty much gone. Looks like packing will indeed be a last minute affair. Aka Thursday night. Well done to me. Tomorrow has lost some of its panache with me having to arrive at school for 12 instead of 2 to write a test that I would otherwise be missing. Probably a good thing. Now, it is time to play in the kitchen.

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