Monday, February 11, 2008

Settling in

Day 2 here, and life is beginning to settle into a grove. Bed at 10, up at 7 eat, ride, recover. There are many benefits to being an early riser in a house with so many occupants, most importantly is full kitchen access. Generally at the 7am mark it appears to be myself and Keir taking full advantage of this situation. Share a coffee and chef up some eats. Today: pannakoken with apple slices grilled in brown sugar and a little butter. Then comes coffee and the morning internet checks. Everyone has their morning routines, long rides are busy planning their routes on google maps. By 8, there seem to be about 5 or 6 of us in the kitchen while many continue snoring away. Its a good time. Managed to squeeze in 2 nice spins yesterday in the sun. Hit 17 degree. A little windy, but a very welcome change from the -17 I see some are dealing with back in Ottawa. Not that I'm rubbing it in, I'm just saying. Had a quick relax session after groceries (a relatively expensive expedition to start from scratch) and then out for a another spin for a tad under 2 hours. Legs started to feel as though they were coming around for sure. No longer the squares I found myself pedaling on the morning jaunt, but much more fluid. Dinner appears to be the most hotly contested and tricky hour in the house. Generally you find all 9 boys getting hungry around the same time. And with one kitchen and limited cutting boards and pots, you can see the issues. Basically a system comes similar to an assembly line. Yesterday I tried the tactic of early dinner. Worked well with good access to equipment, but after finishing my jalapeƱo and herb stuffed chicken (prosciutto wrapped with sweet potato and lentils) I found it to be 6:10. Hunger hits again before bed at that kind of time line. Perhaps today will be a wait until the end of the kitchen rush. Got a solid 3-4 hour easy ride planned with Keir and Geoff today. Going to head out a bit to find some climbs and give the legs a bit of a better test. Not going to lie, I'm pretty pumped on this idea. Not sure what dinner will bring today, but I've got enough stuff to be able to chef something together. Should be able to grab some more photo action from the ride and perhaps of our humble abode.

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