Friday, February 22, 2008

Rest & Recovery

Tis the day. The day of rest. Planned on a small ride, 1 to 2 hours. As long as the weather wasn't to shoddy, but the weatherman was indeed unkind. Little warmer than yesterday, and little less rain; but overall quite dreary and overcast. Instead I stayed in bed, cozy and warm, until 9 (quite the feat) and then relaxed with my breakfast and coffee. Spent some time on school stuff (in order to minimize the falling behind) and then headed into Clemson with some of the boys. A cool little college town about a 20 minute drive from the house. Spent a while hanging in the coffee shop, critiquing the local student barrista, and generally enjoying a latte. Headed up to a local used book store that Thuss knew and picked myself up 2 new books - In Defense of Food & Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Ideally this should a) give me something to do other than browse the same crap on the internet, & b) get me back into reading. Both should be good things. Quick stop at the grocery store en route, and home for dinner. Nice fish dinner with a new marinade I half discovered in a cook book I was browsing at the shop, and half created in my head at the grocery store. Pretty damn good. Did a little more drafting work for school while waiting for the stove line-up to subside and enjoyed some fish, lentils and veggies. House movie night, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, playing on screen number 1. Seemed a well enjoyed piece from my portable collection. Tomorrow's weather and ride is looking much more promising, looking like perhaps heading out for another long day with the camp kids for some good miles and plenty of climbing. Last ride for those buggers, and I as well appear to be moving into my final week here at the house. How time flies. Soon I'll be back to snow, school, and general regular life. At least whenl school is out and I can resume rising at 7 and riding my days away... On a down note, it appears I will now be driving home solo. So if any readers out there are down here now, and looking to head back North on March 1 (instead of perhaps with the OCA van), talk to me. Otherwise, no worries. I've done long drives before, and I'll do them again. Travel seems to come with this occupation. On a sad note, I am out of Nutella. And due to a recent explosion in the cylcling community population, the local grocery stores are sold out. We have checked. This is dangerous as I derive many ride calories from Nutella sammies. Back to jam for now...

Favourite food of the week: blood oranges. Tasty little buggers. Like a normal orange, slightly different taste (perhaps sweeter?) and a red interior. Not sure exactly why I'm loving them... they just seem to strike a cord with me. And I hear they're in season.

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Scott said...

you'll enjoy zen and the'll make you want to ride your bike out to montana. if you should make it that far, its only a little bit further north to edmonton. i'll keep the light on.