Saturday, February 23, 2008


The sun is back. And how. Broke the 25 degree mark today during our long day. This means one important thing, the leg/knee warmer removal of the season. I did wait until after the major descents. After a nice pannakoken breakfast, we headed out to meet up with the campers. It was there I discovered that apparently I look mildly responsible and was therefor put in charge of leading one of the groups. Ouch. Luckily, I am better than I thought and my group was one of 2 NOT to get lost. Headed out towards Rocky Bottom, up and around to Rosman, up the back side of Sassafras (yes Deveer, we went ALL the way up haha) and then back home. Though myself, Geoff, Robertson, and Hunt headed out for a few extra miles. Sunny and glorious kms... In the end, chalk up another 8 hours in the saddle and 220 more kms. Quality miles. Felt pretty wicked good on the bike too. Legs floating and spinning pretty easy. Pretty happy with these miles and my form seems to be coming along. Though from what I hear of weather back home, it may be back onto the trainer for me. This bothers me. And I realize that many of you have been riding the trainer while I've been riding all these outdoor miles, but you may also forget how much harder it is to go BACK to the trainer after becoming accustomed to sun and outside. Sorry. I win. Though I doubt anyone out there feels bad. Time for some recovery time and do it all over again tomorrow.


Zach Winn said...

220km your going to be a beast.

LukeS said...

you have no idea how much i dislike you. way to be in south carolina while im not.