Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Final preparations are underway. I realize this goes completely against everything I believe in and stand for... but I have already thought about my packing. This coming from the man who packed from the ground up to live in Belgium for 3 months the morning of his departure. As a general rule, I wake myself up 30 minutes early the morning of any race to quickly through all my garb in a duffel bag. Slight slag here, all my cycling possessions are spread out in two distinctly unorganized locations: Perth & Ottawa. I have no intention of "cruising" through Perth at 6 am on Saturday to pick up some most likely important piece of gear. No reason to start a 1700km road trip with my hommie Geoff on a bad note. Plus, not gonna lie, I'm terribly excited. Even though it did manage to snow last night (I fully hold the prayers of my mother responsible for this, and by association my class attendance as per the written deal yesterday) I find myself in an incredibly good mood. Turned my alarm off for an extra hour of snoozing this morning of the "rest" week. A little stack of pannakoken and a boddem of coffee to start the day. Some internet perusing... general chillaxin... and the commencement of burning some decent tunes for the drive. Not sure how many CDs I'll need for 1700kms, but I intend to be prepared for most any musical whim or need. Not to fear, the ride will still come today. But after class. The only visible downside of my day is the note from UPS requesting a "second delivery attempt" today between the hours of "10:30 & 5:00". Oh ya, let me just clear the next week out of schedule as well. Apparently they also will not bring the parcel to the depot until 3 attempts have been made AND cannot simply leave it on my porch like a normal delivery company as I owe them $10.34 in "Brokerage C.O.D". With I assume means "delivery man needs gas and heroin money". I may just tape $11 and a note explaining "keep the change, wanker" on my door and hope for the best. The lengths I go to to be able to download my SRM data... such a dork.

Side note: (I swear this is the end of today's rant). Please leave some cool tunage suggestions in the comments section. I will provide some "mad super fly stupid dumbass props" for any good suggestions. Side wager, name the movie that that quote came from...


Lees said...

LCD Soundsystem, "Sound of Silver". Wicked.

Louis-Philippe Leclerc said...

If you're a real gangsta, listen to DJ drama , 5000 ones


peace nigga

sheri J said...

We're so beyond this-The Reason
Somebody told me-The Killers
Anything,Anything-Storm Large does the best version or original by Dramarama
Holiday-Green Day

I am sure you have done this drive before but I think the only good coffee is at exit 45 in Pennsylvania. I always liked to pack a thermos of good coffee to get me through that long drive. Have fun down south:)