Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A random day in my shoes

7am - wake up, breakfast, internet surfing and generally enjoying the momentary quiet through the house.
9am - 2nd cup of coffee, greet new kitchen arrivals, perhaps some fruit to snack on pre ride. Check weather, and plan a route. Generally the tele seems to be turned to Fresh Prince of Bel Air at this time too.
10am - depart for ride. sometimes varies. But this seems to be a normal, civilized hour for the house. Tomorrow will be 8am to try for 6 hours before the rain hits. Some are unhappy about this decision. I really would prefer not riding in 7-8 degrees and rain. But hey, harden up.
10am to mid aft - ride time. Route dependent, random stop (aka food, water, pee or flat). Generally 4-7 hours for me. Sometimes a little less for those pesky recovery days.
after ride, pre-dinner - Shower, warm clothes, then food. I go for the spinach omelette, a fresh orange, and some tea. Pull out the computer and screw around some more with some of the many time wasters available. Favourites: cycling websites, this damn blog, and facebook. I'd play some kind of video game, but let's face it; I suck at them. I seem to lack some kind of focus or perhaps hand-eye co-ordination. And of course, think about dinner.
7pm - Dinner. Usually a 2 hour operation. Give or take. Preparation, wrestling match for stove elements, cutting boards, pots/pans.... etc. Not gonna lie, kitchen live can get ugly with 12 hungry, skinny cyclists all looking to one up each others meals. Well, most everyone is preparing a good meal. Not everyone. Pour a glass of vino, and relax with a hard earned meal. Maybe nurse some battle wounds.
8pm to 10pm - General chillaxin out maxin out time. More internet, movies, random TV, reading (as long as you are a litterate member of he house, no hate) and perhaps some good humoured jostling. This is the time for the Alpha cyclist to shine. Dominance must be asserted through taunts, quick reflexes and general "yo momma" type jokes. Things can get crude, such as a "fart-off", but I will leave that information out as to not further cause your opinion of cyclists (and me) to drop. I'm certain other sports have these bonding methods as well.

Thats it. If its a rest day, or you feel like it - throw in a nap, or more computer/tele time. Just keep your feet up. And drink plenty of water. I usually end up cleaning the kitchen a decent amount too. I think I can hear my mom laughing already about that last bit. Tomorrow should be a picture day. I got a bunch today from the ride with Geoff. A nice chill spin through the hills. Solid.
PS-wicked lunar eclipse tonight. Pretty cool to see so clearly over our lake.

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