Friday, February 15, 2008

Back in the saddle

Solid day. Both ignoring the random cycling news (aka Astana debacle) and ride wise. About 4:15 with Keith, 130km. Started off with 4 of us, but Geoff and Dave turned home a little early with some knee issues. Felt pretty solid for sure. A couple of us are looking at heading to Greenville at the end of February for a solid 100km early season road race to test the legs. Could be good times. Pretty rolling ride, no major climbs though. But a nice solid pace. First day in knee warmers too. A solid high of 18 and some sun. Needless to say, some knee warmer tan lines have begun to appear. Solid. Some stuffed & wrapped chicken to come for dinner soon I feel. Plus Ramsey's Kitchey Nightmares is on BBC next, should be a good evening. Hopefully another solid 4-5 hours tomorrow. Wait and see weather wise, but I hear similar today but a few degrees cooler. House will be changing some in the coming day, a few moving out to the more controlled house for the camp with Denise and a few other younger ones moving in. Time to teach kids how to do dishes I fear. Could be interesting. At least I have a routine now. Just got to avoid the knee issues some of hte boys are having from all the miles and some cold knees. No good. Enjoy your day.

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