Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rain and rest

Tough couple of days on the bike. Today's weather forecast calls for - horrendously pathetic riding weather. No worries, I've got an easy 2 hour spin planned. Currently lighting and thunder are fighting it out for superiority in the sky, with a strong last minute alliance of stupid crazy wind and sheets of rain. At very least it is quiet and calm in the kitchen with Keir and I hanging out and hoping more folks decide to sleep in. Quiet time is like solid gold in a house with 8-12 dudes. Yesterday provided us with some weather that makes today's shitshow weather all worth it - highs in the upper 20s and sun. All I gotta say is, my tan is starting. As soon as the 25 barrier was broken, off came the arm and knee warmers. Ended up with a nice 5.5 hours in the saddle with a nice sit-on tempo effort (Keir and Hunt needed a tempo workout, I didn't) and then my first real leg opener of the season with a wicked 15 minute tempo climb. Felt awesome to finally let the legs go, open the lungs and feel a little pain. A quick refuel at the top with a nice "y'all come back real soon now" from a large and friendly shop woman, allowed us to continue along, dropping Hunt and Geoff off then Keir before finishing the last hour and change of my ride on my own. Relaxing evening involving some steak, a bbq, and some veggies finished off the day nicely. Hard to believe that my 3 week stay is already so close to being done.

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