Thursday, January 31, 2008


Pretty romantic ride last night. I have also decided after a brief conversation that apparently I am a little off my rocker. Not quite as far as people who do "group trainer rides" over the internet... You know who you are are. But none the less. I see nothing wrong with my evening. Simply a 3 hour trainer ride... by candlelight. You see, 5 minutes into my ride, my power went off. I assume due to the bloody tornado or whatever going on outside. My mind quickly decided that this meant a day off the bike and began to make plans (none of which would have worked due to the lack of electricity). Then an odd thing happened... my mind decided I was a pussy if I didn't complete my task and that I would not be prepared for the season if I did not complete THIS ride. Taking this as a challenge (from itself), my mind then demanded a candle would be required to be able to see anything. I set off with my flashlight and found a candle. Back on the bike and 3 hours of silent spinning in the glow of a candle. I think I seduced myself. We're going out for dinner later to talk things over to see if we have the time for each other. A nice cold shower after and I headed out to the pub for an hour for a nice brew and a hockey game in a heated environment. Got home around 9ish to find the return of heat, light and power. Not bad. I took advantage of these things to promptly turn back off my lights and go to sleep. Though I did make some tea first. My name is Sandy, and I am addicted to tea. Could be worse. Last time I checked, WADA doesn't test your urine for tea.
Separate note, I was unable to cook my planned steak dinner last night so am even more excited to try again tonight. I have been saving this bad boy for a while. Got some veggies and couscous to go with... maybe crack a beer to go with it. I may have to change my facebook relationship status to complicated.

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