Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sorry, & tales of the EPIC

Sorry for the lack of posting for some time. Been putting in some decent miles, the occasional stint at the shop and finishing up my holidays in Ottawa. Mostly roller miles again with the cooler weather (apparently ending as of now) and a few ski days. The EPIC was today and lived up to its name. About 6 hours of skiing in the park, mix of on trail and back country stuff. Plus, with the weather (fog and +4) it made for some challenging wax conditions and seriously wet snow. Aka we all got soaked, especially sir-crash-a-lot (me). Nothing like taking the decent with speed while others snowplow, or perhaps exploring a fresh line through some thick underbrush while others follow the trail. Wicked turn out, and Nick has many a sweet picture of yours truly in various forms of skiing/bailing that he will hopefully send me soon. I suggest you all harass him until you see some posted here. Either way, pretty knackered right now back in Perth, but quite content with my day. Perhaps some tea and a movie are in order. We'll see about some outdoors riding this week, on the fixie in the rain by the looks of things before the roller races this Friday. Woot.

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