Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Life settles down. Gone is the ever changing and unpredictable schedule of the holidays. Back to looking at my class schedule, and then deciding on riding before or after class. Unfortunately, in my first day of class, my teachers seemed to have decided (or maybe read about my amount of training/free time last semester) to attempt to push the "school work" thing. I had basically my only 2 work involved classes yesterday though. So the rest of the week should be smoother. Today for example, I attempted to get back into the 7am wakeup routine to put in a another couple hours on the trainer before shop class from 12-4. No dice. Apparently my body was not fully in agreement on this yet. So instead, here I am at 9am just finished breakfast and enjoying a cafe in front of the computer. Apparently I'll be riding after class today. Such is my ever stressful life. Solid 3 hours on the trainer yesterday. Watched "I am Legend" which was absolutely wicked in my view. Which is good cause I really can't watch a movie that I'm not glued to on the trainer anymore. Otherwise time starts to crawl. Finished the ride off with some 2007 Giro. For now, I guess some relaxation and maybe finish off what ever work I got yesterday. Get it down now, and I can have the rest of the week free I guess?

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