Friday, January 11, 2008


Man, apparently the weather report changed since I checked 2 days ago. Gone is the zero temperatures and partially cloudy skies. Replaced now with: snow overnight, leading to freezing rain and then hail. At least its still hovering around zero. Though the roads are quite messy compared to yesterday. I'm a man of my word though, and am still somewhat excited to be riding home. I better leave soon to allow enough time and to avoid being on the roads when traffic starts and I then get soaked by many passing automobiles. Wanks. Shop is getting pretty cool, which is nice cause it's the only class I have Thursday and Friday. Basically building the framing of a small house. Got the floor (complete with sill plates, joists, and supporting beam) and just got the walls up today. Now, food and pack. I've still got a long day ahead of me. Most likely not much reporting happening for the weekend, not sure I really wanna truck my computer home in hail in a backpack. Sounds kinda sketch. And I certainly cannot afford to buy a new one. Hopefully a good, fun weekend to come. Is anyone else (in Canada) riding outside right now? Or am I just that far off my rocker....


Keir said...

best of luck... you are retarded

JAC said...

I'm out there!!! loven' it!

2 days of rain brings biking with smiles of pain!

got in 430km last week!

from mooneys through to chelsea to the 366 to the 307.

Just loven' it!