Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The beast

Pending trainer explosion update... 3 hour ride. 10 minutes from the end, I noticed my tyre slipping suddenly and a drop in power (yes I am a dork). Refusing to give in and assuming the large trainer miles have finally pushed me off the deep end, I continue my ride. Upon returning from the shower, I decided to have a closer inspection. Flat tyre. No noise of a tyre blowing out... just a leak. After touching the flywheel of the trainer and nearly scalding my hand, I feel that due to my incredible power and force, I may have melted a hole in the tube. It seems to be the only logical explanation. Don't think I've ever needed a wheel change while riding indoors before either, but the streak is over. Plus I can feel the bearings going in the sucker too now that it has cooled down. Back and ready to roll now. Unfortunately instead of riding my 3 hours this morning as planned, I have found myself stuck in front of my computer typing and swearing away. Not gonna lie, my room sounded as if it contained a gander of cursing sailors. And yes, there was a reason for this: computers. Got up a little early to put the finishing touches on my carpentry theory assignment only to strike a few wrongs keys (no idea which ones) causing my work to vanish in front of my eyes. My hours of labour, suddenly gone missing. No trace of a file or anything. Someone is pissed at me. Needless to say, after nearly launching the piece of junk from my 2nd floor window... I set to work on re-doing the entire bloody thing. Needless to say, I have just finished and now have 1 hour until class. Ride is now moved until after class, and it will be a late one now. Damn. I had better get a flipping good mark on this.
In other news, I hate computers. But cannot seem to live without them. The blog may have to go old school as some form of newspaper. But I have no printing press. Maybe a typewriter and a photocopier.
First confusion... later anger...


Scott said...

only appletinis Sandy, only Appletinis.

Anonymous said...

happened to me last year after paying 15 bucks for the RWR indoor race thing... sucked big time. Was doing well, then all of a sudden... plop plop fizz... flat tire.

I don't do much trainer. I just ride outside. Month of january so far 1300kms! Thank the good momma nature for 2 days of rain this month cause I got 4 days in at 100 to 120km rides! Fantastic!

hope for february is to get back up to 1600km at moderate intensity with longer weekend road rides. Outside of course!

there is a race coming up if anyone is into mtbing anymore:

check out:
for some great colorado winter pics!

if you are heading to SC in the next couple of weeks, check out:
(SS worldcup racer... his site makes me bust a lung!)

Anonymous said...

if you deleted the file by accident then you should have shut the computer down asap, and gave the computer to me. i could have recovered it for you. but now its probably too late, you written over the sectors. *mumble jumble goes here about how computers work*