Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Life is busy

Funny how fast a day can fill up. Pulling a few minutes out of my butt here to reply to emails and compose new ones (part of the business of my current life). Next up, homework reading and clean my room. I swear I'm gonna do it this time. Maybe some homemade mint tea to go with the homework part. Looks like I've got a few ladies moving into the house soon. The dude fest will be coming to an end, and we will probably have to make more of an effort on certain cleanliness issues. I have been told that a bachelor dude's idea of a clean bathroom may vary from that of any woman. More on this scientific experiment later. I intend to blame Greg. He's never around much anyways. Spent my morning working on ironing out details for my departure to the glorious south in February and other such fun yet time consuming things. Got in a quick 1.5 hour spin in before class. Four hours of shop class and framing, pretty much a decent workout in itself. And then a quick bite to eat before another 1.5 hours on the trainer. Three hours total, not bad. Made a ton of some pretty wicked spagetti for dinner/lunch for the next couple days. Weather looks pretty decent tomorrow, needless to say, I'm considering pretty seriously heading outside again for my ride tomorrow. A nice 3-4 hours pre class should do the body nicely. Low of -7, high of -3 and sunny. Not bad for mid-January in Canada I'd say. For now, I best get my butt in gear and get my living space clean. Then lie down with some tea and music for some reading. One of the "longer" class days tomorrow. Damn.

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JAC said...


I was out today, the back country roads are fast! Very very fast!
Rock hard!
icy though! My azz is blue now.


I hearya about bathrooms. Get a girlfriend to look after that stuff.
My x-wife just hated the way I left the bathroom. Probably one of the top ten reasons why I'm divorced. My current girlfriend doesn't mind cleaning the bathroom.
I can't stand cleaning the bathroom.
Its a good damn thing I have a girlfriend.
Sounds like a mathematical equation... I better get out biking and clear my head!
Another fine day of riding is coming our way tomorrow!