Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Back on the wagon

The potentially aggravating sickness that was knocking on Sunday appears to be gone. Almost makes me happy regarding my decision to skip my long ride Sunday. Been playing pretty careful. This real cold week could play havoc. Got in a solid 4 hours on the trainer yesterday anyways. My usual warm clothes had me sweating out the sickness while feeling really quite excellent on the bike. Today, my morning will be spent with the usual time wasting activities before class as well as some homework time I think. Got a few projects on the go that I really should have done soon, especially before I leave. The ride today will therefor be pushed back until after class. As of Saturday, I have 2 weeks until my departure. And looking outside at the snow falling, it is coming at an excellent time. Pretty sure I can keep my motivation high for the next 2 weeks of trainer time. On a side note, congrats to Slipstream on their Giro invite. Nice to see an openly anti-doping team in the headlines for good reasons. Though I'm certain that if someone was caught doping it would be MUCH more talked about. Also, the first Pro-Tour race of the season is underway. And its only January. Its gonna be a seriously long season for some of these boys. I have to say, for me the season can't start in my mind until the more traditional start - on the cobbles on Belgium. My movie choice lately is going decidedly old school (for bike race movies anyways). On the cue right now: Stars & Watercarriers ('73 Giro), The Impossible Hour (Merckx vs. Ritter for the hour record), La Course on Tete (Eddy Merckx story), The Greatest Show on Earth ('74 Giro) and Red Zinger ('75-'79)/Coors Classic ('80-'88) bike race.

Merckx training at home for the Hour Record.

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