Thursday, January 10, 2008


What was up with that crazy wind yesterday? Man, blew our mail box right out of the ground, felled trees... took out my power. Yup, got home from the 3 hour math class from hell (3-6) to find that I could not turn on any lights. Pulled out my headlamp, cursed a bit and set to work gluing that new tub onto my front wheel. Realizing that I was indeed hungry, and not really feeling cold bagels and peanut butter for dinner, I set off for the pub. Thank god their power was still good, got myself a cold Guinness and some fish and chips to pass away the evening. Plus, some good conversation and a pretty decent live band. The day today is looking pretty promising, not quite as warm as it has been... but the sun is shinning and the trees are not sideways from the wind! About time to down the rest of my coffee and saddle up for a solid 4 or so hours. I think I can get used to this no class 'till 2 thing on Thursdays. My legs are feeling good and rested now, so it should be a good couple days of training this weekend. I'd put down some of my feelings on these Rock Racing team shenanigans, but I'm pretty sure most cycling related blogs have covered it. I'll stick with, "what a f*&#in' wank". On a separate note, I think that my current trainer hatred may also have something to do with my seeing GREEN GRASS outside in January. This is some seriously whacked out weather. At least it's not raining here. I think I've managed to plan myself a decent 100km+ route home tomorrow for the roller races. Nothing like a solid 4+ hours on the fixie then some sprints and beer! I'm off for my ride, enjoy your days.

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