Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I'm a tank

Or at least in my upper body strength. Sweet ski day. Headed up, slightly tardy due to a non functioning alarm clock, to find that JS and Bruno where indeed somehow still waiting for me. Slapped some copious grip tape on and started off. Now, we should all consider that the correct amount of grip tape for an off trail ski is apparently very different from the amount needed for an on trail ski. Needless to say, my skis have never gripped sooo well and glided sooo little. Litterally would come to a halt on some downhills if they were not steep enough. This tape stuff makes klister look like a flippin fluorinated glide wax. An hour in and my arms and upper body was shattered from having to constantly pole to keep moving forward. Luckily I brought enough food for our intended 3 hour ski. Unfortunately our ski ended up closer to 4.5 hours. No bonk, but I was starting to get into that territory towards the end while having to get dropped every downhill and then catch back on on the uphills. Lessons learned and a wicked day was had by all. Beautiful day with fresh snow. New Years eve ended up being a pretty wicked time. Got loaded pretty good an easy probably due to the to long ski day. Nice New Years party, where I think we all missed the countdown. But I did get home at some point (according to my phone about 4) and am currently hoping there are no pictures. Happy New Years. Time for a trainer ride. I've got a wicked new Eddy Merckx movie to watch today on the rollers, so I pretty pumped to get riding.

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Mr. RWP said...

grip tape > clister eh? I needed sometihng sticky today. trying to skate with classic skis on the ottawa river is fun stuff.