Sunday, December 30, 2007


Not really full blown epic actually. I didn't get lost, no bonking, no emerg pastries consumed (too cold to stop really) and no particular stories worth mention. But hey, 5 hours in riding outside in subzero end of December is pretty decent. Especially with the amount of snow we've gotten. Just enough time to ride the rollers for 30 minutes when I got while and while eating my recovery sangas (cheese and jelly). I actually had to ride the rollers. It seemed like the simplest option to regain feeling/circulation in my feet. And it worked. Felt really good and solid anyways. Waited until about 10 to head out, let it "warm up" a bit. Cruised east for a solid 2.5 hours zigging and zagging, and then turned around and attempted to repeat my route. Success. Had the ol' water bottle shuffle rocking out with 3 bottles cycling between cages and my warm pockets, some good tunes and plenty of good spirits. Plus, I had my new "ghetto-budget" booties. Forgot my booties in Perth and then forgot to pick up some new ones at the shop yesterday. Basically stuck plastic grocery bags on my feet over my socks and then put the shoes on top. Worked surprisingly well until my feet began to sweat. Then the sweat socked my socks. Then the socks basically turned to ice. Hence the roller ride and long shower. Felt like a bit of a Euro riding the rollers in leg warmers, jacket, and tuque (all fresh and non sweated in). Plus my sammies helped out. Quick dinner with the fam then out for a hard ass hockey game. Played forward on a team with only 2 subs. First time skating in a while too. And I was the only back checking forward. Ouch. Needless to say, I'm knackered. Quasi early ski tomorrow morning with JS. Should be a decent one, P10 to the fire tower and back. Then New Years. No plans. If anyone has any good ideas, call me. Otherwise, I'm sure a suitable shitshow of an evening should arise anyways. Sandy out.

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