Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Phil & Paul

These clowns get us through the winter. Cyclists will know exactly who I'm talking about, the rest of you will scratch your heads and wonder what I'm smoking. (The answer is nothing, mom.) Trainer time today. Took the afternoon off school, nothing happening as its the last class, with no exam forth coming. Felt like taking it easy. And by easy I meant ride. And then relax. Watched the 2006 Fleche Wallonne, hence....
word of the day: quack
Paul & Phil's translation: A bonehead move involving swerving your bicycle.
Use it in a sentance: Oh, Asterloa has quacked Bettini. (Asterloa swerved and nearly clipped Bettini).
No school tomorrow, but busy nonetheless. Winter tyres to be installed at 11, gotta get into school by 1 for a math re-test. Apparently myself and the rest of the class did so dismally on the last test we are being giving a chance at a re-test. Not that I failed like a good portion of the class, but I did make a number of bone headed, rushed calculations that left my mark with something to be desired. So I'll take this chance to allow myself to not have to work quite so hard on the exam. Somewhere after that, I may just ride my bike as well. Who knows, I'm just crazy like that. One more big architecture project to go this weekend, and then the infamous exam week. Then freedom. Should be a fun weekend. I may even try to study. We'll see what exam comes on Monday. If its English, I'm going out to the bar instead.

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