Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Road map

This saddle represents my riding. As you can see, what was once a nice white saddle is now become a road map of the hours my butt has spent planted in it. You can see exactly the width of my sit bones and where they rest. You can see that my inner thighs rub the saddle, and as extra proof of that hair no longer grows there on my thighs. Apparently this is what must be done to make it. Long days, and years of imprinting your buttocks into a new saddle. Then, come spring... replace it with a shiny new map and start from scratch. Me, I have my sweet new couch of a saddle waiting. Figure, me and the ol' Turbo here have been through so much, why end this relationship now? Heck, maybe I'll mount it on my wall after. Kind of like the cyclists version of hanging antlers or fish above your fireplace.
In other news. Three exams down, one to go. Only problem, my mind has given up. According to it, school is done and riding is back. Its going to be a serious mental challenge to get some studying done. Then, packing, writing the actual thing, and making a break for home. Friday should be a good solid training day as we ramp up the hours for the next 3-4 weeks. Already dreaming of the mountains of South Carolina... Time to get some testing done soon chez Nick and maybe pick up some fat xc skis from Kiwi. I figure it could be cheaper than busting up my race skis on some of these back country excursions. I'll see what has been sitting around the shop and needs to move for the starving cyclist/student budget kinda price range. Drafting exam went pretty bloody well today, got a impressed thumbs up on my drawings. So to celebrate, I rode the trainer for a solid 3 hours with a whole wack of 1 legged drills. Ouch. Minimal easy spin tomorrow morning. Maybe study while riding? Then a final 2 pm exam. I'm so close. I'm starting to get excited to race. Its getting tougher to keep the intensity down. Gotta go burn off some of this excitement at the Christmas partay. woot.

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