Thursday, December 13, 2007

At last

Here we are. 1 hour from the final of the finals. Construction Safety. I don't really even care that much any more. My "exam beard" is gone. Replaced with something a little odd and mildly entertaining for the Cyclery bash. Just gotta get the outfit to go with it. Even nearly packed. I impress myself. I really just need to get this exam over and done with so I can get onto non-school life. Just gotta toss all my crud in the car and get rolling. Not much riding going on today I fear. Not necessarily a bad thing, recovery is technically the key. That and focus on these exams. Solid day planned tomorrow, ride Saturday morning, work, party. And Sunday should be mostly a write off. Thats what happens. I'll probably get itchy to do something in the aft. We'll see how I feel. Sandy out.

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