Thursday, December 6, 2007

No Chain

1. A feeling of effortless pedaling, as to not feel the chain on your bicycle.
2. A great day in the saddle. Good legs / form.
What is, a no chain day on the bike.

I like that. Hard to have one of those days on the trainer, but lets be honest. That is the reason why so many of us put in all the hours and sweaty hours. While others stay out late, or sleep in - we pedal, and pedal more. All in hopes of another one of those days. Another feeling of elation as you ride at your best. Most important is to focus not on a victory itself, but to focus on pushing yourself beyond your preconceived limits. And perhaps, if you are lucky, find yourself pedaling away from those around you (as if you indeed did not have to grind away that chain on your gears), effortlessly dropping down a gear and flowing across the line with your arms in the air. A salute to all of the work you have done. PVP once said, "no one wins (Roubaix) with luck alone, you must have put in the miles to be in that position."

Today's post goes out to procrastination. Such as the wonderful job I'm doing at putting off my English "reflective" essay, which may or may not happen to be due tomorrow. So far I have procrastinated by spending my afternoon riding the trainer, made myself a pretty wicked pasta for dinner, watched an episode of Scrubs and now ranted and raved on the logic of training. But hey, its only 500 words. I can pump that sucked out in a solid 30 minutes if needed. Which is good, as I plan on being under the covers in a hour. Back home again tomorrow for the usual weekend, with the addition of homework. Hey, exams next week and a pretty solid architecture assignment to be finished. At least next week will be a scheduled recover week bike wise. Hard to believe its already December, and I already have this many miles in on a trainer. I miss last winter. I fully did a 3 hours bike path ride on Christmas day while the rest of my family napped before dinner. Not that I won't do similar this year, it'll just be a roller ride.

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