Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Turbo rollers?

"Now I know many of you watch our videos by sitting on your turbo rollers and get inspiration"
God, I love you Phil and Paul. I love yelling at the screen when you get some information wrong. For example, I saw Stuey close the gap on Wesserman in Roubaix 2006, these two were still debating how Stuey got across the gap after he won the race. I had a few hours to vent on that one tonight. Luckily, that is done for today, and I have just finished enjoying a spot of Pinot and some wicked pasta. Oh, other than the snow tyres today, one other important purchase. Old man slippers. These puppies are wicked and only ran me $10 plus tax. I may have to buy several. Perhaps even a formal pair to wear with my plaid golf pants. Notice the classy carpet in my room. One level below (or maybe above?) shag on the classy scale. Hope you all are enjoying your "turbo rollers". Just remember, spring is near.

ps - check out this website! Some of the most wicked bike related clothes ever! I'm soooo close to just handing them my credit card.

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