Sunday, December 2, 2007

First ski

Snow storm coming. So I rushed out for a ski late morning (had to fit in a few hours on the rollers first) with Keir. Strapped on the ol' skate skis and hit the park. I must say, for the first of December, conditions are pretty wild. And should only be getting better for the next bit, with this 20-40cm of snow for cast by tomorrow eve. Dang. That's a lot of powder. Almost wish I was closer to a ski hill to go rip some powder tomorrow. How often can you say ski and fresh powder in the same sentence around here. More like ski and "glare ice". None the less, a good quality 1.5 hour ski with Keir along the parkway and Ridge road. Plus I only ate it once. Stupid Penguin and my insistence on tele turning my way through it. I blame the tourists who keep snow plowing through all the corners. Made a brief stop at Les Saisons for a nice warming cafe on the way home and a stop at the dep for the kid to buy some vino. Silly underager. I picked a sweet bottle of red up at the LCBO on the way home instead. Went quite nicely with my leftover pasta and fresh homemade pizza. I'll leave this informative session off with a glimpse of how I bring style to the cross country world. Picture credit to Giro de Keir. Ignore the jacket. Its all I had around my closet in Ottawa.

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Mr. RWP said...

you know how to keep euro even off the bike. w2g!