Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Nearing completion

Ten page architecture paper with 2 pages of references. Done.
Carpentry projects completed. Check.
Regain pre-exam period sanity levels. Debatable.
Math exam, no worries. Didn't stress. Just skipped over the few questions giving me headaches and came back to them later. Spent many an evening hour sipping a beer and hammering out 10 pages of architectural insight. Quick dinner break, re-heated some wicked pasta made for just that purpose. Gonna need a few groceries today I think. Up early again today, into the shop. Ripped through my remaining projects, made sure all were marked or checked off. Took a bit of time to sharpen my tools in prep for the oncoming work over the holidays of christmas gift creations. Back home now. Quick respite from the work before reading over my Carpentry theory stuff before this aft's exam.
Best news of the week: my Friday English for Retards exam was apparently a figment of my imagination. Checked the exam sched yesterday. Looks like I can make the break for home on Thursday eve instead of Friday. Wicked. This is important on several fronts...
a) I have only 4 exams, and now Friday off.
b) Friday can and will be a good solid training day instead. Pow.
c) I will have time Friday to head to Value Village to compile my Cyclery Christmas Party suit 2007. I have to outdo '06. I have a reputation to uphold.
I'm so excited I think I'll ride tonight. That's how I celebrate. Cause' I'm just that cool. My food reserves are currently on Defcon 5 as I don't want to leave much behind here for the weeks I won't be around. Looks like eggs in toast for lunch. And maybe every other meal until I leave. Or run out of bread. Otherwise I'm pumped for a solid three weeks of simply training tons, sleeping and maybe a little working. Bam.

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