Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Official and whatnot

Celebration Belgie styles. Notice the new Stella Glass. Classy.

Its official. Team announcement. And apparently I'm the official French to English translator. Busy day off today (school that is). As reported on yesterday. Some more long hours on the trainer, no real surprise in that respect I guess. I have a few mildly entertaining pictures to share as well. Mostly cause I'm pretty excited and have had a little too much coffee this morning so far. The twitch is back. And this current music choice is not helping matters. Damn Thunderstruck.

Some celebratory Vino this morning. While writing the blog and talking to
my baking companion, the one and only Sarah Coney. Whos blog is faltering.

This is the true secret to how to ride inside for hours. Ride until you fall off.

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