Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Post christmas ramblings

Parliment Hill in the mist around dark. Cool. Call me tourist.

Christmas has come and gone again. Made more enjoyable again not only by good times with the fam, and some wine, but also with the christmas day outdoor ride. Managed to sneak in a solid 2 hours outside this afternoon out towards Manotick and back through downtown Ottawa. Solid road conditions and pretty warm temperatures allowed this and I was only kept to a maximum of 2 hours due to many food related commitments. Spent a solid evening with the grandparents in church Christmas eve enjoying the religious aspect and other charades accompanying the church experience. An overall entertaining experience in watching my grandfather sing his heart out in his off tune and off note type of way and watching the small children (like really young) perform the nativity. Though due to their age, the performance was interrupted by some new features such as: the tossing of the baby Jesus, the sword fight of angels vs. shepherds and one wayward donkey (?) wandering off stage after getting smoked by a "sword". Entertaining to say the least. After our arrival home for the traditional family feast and "entertainment" we discovered our stove had exploded so we're forced to cook our hors d'euvres in a toaster oven. Ate dinner eventually, relaxed for the evening and hoped the remainder of my newly created gift's varnish had dried. No such luck so took the hairdryer to them in the morning. Gift time went well, the meals were wicked, and got a good ride in. Now, time for coffee and the traditional stay up all night with Pook to attempt to be first in line at the Future Shop Boxing Day sale. Not sure if I even need anything. But tradition is tradition. Happy Boxing day to all. Or something like that. Fill in your own non-offensive cheer perhaps.

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