Saturday, December 15, 2007


Quick update:
-Christmas Party stache. Check
-Christmas party suit (can you say pink and argyle?)
-Little something extra for the coffee. You know it.
-Watching Norm on New Yankee Workshop with my coffee. Check. I'm I'm closet case old man apparently.

Couple hours on the rollers yesterday. Had to cut the ski out of the sched to allow for helping my mom out with a bunch of stuff. No big deal. Still got a couple hours in. Plus, the full on training doesn't restart until after tonights festivities. My camera should be in attendance. Sober camera operator, yet to be seen. Sunday should be for the most part a write off. Sent off my South Carolina stuff last night. From what I see, most seem to be working in advance. Not really my style, but hey. I can adapt. Enjoy your Saturday.

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Keith Moore said...

Hey Man,

Sounds like we are going to putting in the long miles in S.C. this winter. Looking forward to it. Congrats on EVA-Devinci.