Monday, December 3, 2007


I think I was expecting (from the warnings from my mother) some kind of snow fall resembling one of the "powder days" I experienced in BC. The kind where you try to open the door, but there is too much snow, so maybe you crawl through a window. Cars don't move, everyone just starts running/walking to the hill. I mean, I did see an ATV/snow mobile thing driving down the road today. But hey, I do live in a hick town. Thats not all that unusual. The weather claims more snow still, but all is calm for the moment with only a light powder fluttering down. I may even be able to drive myself to the grocery store later on. Much needed. Dependant on whether the ol' Civic can make it out the driveway. Potentially no class today. Here's hoping no one can make it in! Otherwise more trainer time to fill out the final week of classes.

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