Friday, December 21, 2007


More hockey and "work" then riding lately. Something like 3-4 hours of hockey in the last 2 days. No riding. And about 5 hours of hand tool wood working today. Stupid carpentry. Apparently people expect "handmade" wooden gifts now. Saves me on the cash, but causes a lot of work. Coming along pretty decent though. Nothing wrong with a little respite from the riding, especially since judging from how sore I am after this cutting and carving I could probably have worn a heart rate monitor and called it "cross training". Real work tomorrow. Hopefully a few hours on the rollers in the evening. Going is getting tough in the next few days with the arrival of christmas and therefor relatives. Nothing wrong with that, love hanging out with family. Just cuts into available training time. Maybe some early mornings. Hopefully finish off several of my "projects" tomorrow and then have one less thing on the go. I'll report more later after I find something interesting going on and some spare time. Odd that now without class, I seem to have less time available...

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