Sunday, December 2, 2007

Official: winter is here

Yup. You heard it here first. How is this only now official you may ask? Sandy is strapping skis to his feet for the first time of the season. Thats why. Its a sign that I am temporarily giving up on the outdoor riding for at least a few days. First, a couple hours on the rollers, cause we all know the first ski of the season is painful and short. Me an Keir intend to keep it around the 2 hour mark. If we last that long. In other news, according to my mother, some storm of epic proportions is blowing up this way from Toronto. The crazy Toronto folk (wankers) are claiming 20cm of snow AND freezing rain. What gives? And of course, my winter tyres are not being put on until Wednesday. Should be a fun drive home today. For now, the rollers are calling me. In some sort of odd, anti social way. Did I mention I am the prank war king for the weekend? Just ask the girls at wag what was in the box...

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