Thursday, November 29, 2007

lemon water?

Its my new thing. Well, for the past couple weeks anyways. I have my bar fridge next to my desk. Contents: 10 Rickard's Red, 1 Brita water filter jug, 1 container humous, 1 2lbs. bag mini carrots, and 2 containers lemon juice. I'm back on the Belgian program of drinking water like its going out of style. I just now mix in a couple decent squirts of lemon juice in the mix. Refreshing, and gotta have some kind of vitamin content I figure. That along with a few cups of tea and coffee a day is keeping my body running smoothly. I've been having these wicked cravings for chips lately. Usually after my ride while relaxing. Luckily I continue to show my resolve and not buy any while at the grocery store and am mostly too lazy to walk to the convenience store to buy a bag when the craving hits. This is the basis of the humus. I had broccoli to go with the mini carrots, but I've munched my way through that stuff. I'm also all into garlic right now. Garlic as near as I can tell is nature's method of keeping you healthy. Plus its tasty. Another long ride day on the trainer. Some homework. Made a wicked pasta with an olive oil and plum tomato sauce, little tuna, plenty of veggies and garlic. Pretty proud of it actually. This Hollywood script writers thing has finally effected me as well. I watch basically one show each week, Thursday nights - The Office. Turned it on tonight, bam, re-run. Wankers. This has gone too far. I tried to find another decent show to fill up this 1 hour period in my evening plan. Even though I couldn't tell what else was re-runs, there was nothing good. I'm pretty sure we have a baggillion channels too. Instead, I did laundry. Oh, and made some egg wolls. Exciting, I know. At very least, some of you should have a craving for: egg rolls, tea, chips, pasta, or humus.

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