Sunday, November 25, 2007

tales from the woods

Went on my hike today. Keir bailed, so I romped solo through the woods of the Gatineau parc for just under 5 hours. Not bad eh? At very least I didn't have to ride the trainer for 5 hours. We'll save that for some cold days in Dec/Jan. Think I may ride the trainer for an hour or so tonight though, some of the less used leg muscles got a decent workout today and I'm feeling a little stiff. Just spin ze legs. Got back into Ottawa for a warm dinner, and to find that temperatures are indeed improving, even hear rumours of some rain! With the spring bike nearly ready, just gotta figure a way to attach full fenders, this could be good for me and my sanity. For now, I'll follow the trainer masters "tips to trainer survival/enjoyment" and keep the miles coming. Back in Perth now anyways, so no real option BUT to ride the stupid thing. I'll let dreams of a new season float through my mind. Nothing else much to report on around here, still trying to get to those insightful write ups... I seem to lack time to anything particularly useful on weekends. At least the school semester is almost done. Pretty much into the last 2 weeks of class for me. I'm pumped. Perhaps I'll leave you of some photos, entitled "Sandy gets lost in the woods".

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