Monday, November 5, 2007

Stiff, sore and sewn up

Interesting weekend. Friday had me not in the greatest of moods, so went out with good ol' Goeff who was visiting from N.S. and his lady Kelly. Ended up out a little late, and then got kicked out of my house at 7:30 am so some dude could varnish my mom's new hardwood floors. Being perhaps still slightly confused and intoxicated at this point, I figured I would make use of this time to sober up and clear my head with a cross ride until work at 10. Good times. Fully could not feel my feet by the time work came around at 10. A few dozen coffee's got me through the day and then, you guessed it - off for more drinking. Worked the wine a food show for Sante restaurant, cooking up lamb and chicken and generally trading food to the booze booth's for booze. Perhaps I'll write a report on the wine I sampled for my wine appreciation class next semester. We had a wicked evening at the show, went out to watch the rest of the Sens game after and then decided it would be a good idea to hit the bars. Fun times until good old Jenny pulled up to my house at 7am to head to Kingston for the cross race. Luckily, I staved off the hangover with some coffee. Got on my bike to do some pre-riding action, to find possibly the coolest cross course I have ever ridden! Huge shout out to Bob Woods for putting this course together. Super tech, tons of corners, short climbs, run ups... Needless to say I was super pumped to race. So pumped that I forgot to eat that day. Woops. Watched the first race and found that my bottom bracket had imploded and seemed no longer attached to my frame. Luckily I live by, if you don't think about it nothing bad will happen. Bb was fine-ish. Got the start of my life looking to bust the race apart early and not get caught behind people of the many techy sections, only to wipe out spectacularly solo about 3 minutes into the race. Off the front of pack, I flew into a loose gravel corner with wayyyy to much speed and ate it hard. It has been described as "ass over teakettle" and my favourite "a cloud of smoke and argyle". Somehow managed to not get run over by the other 100 riders while lying the middle of the road. Got up eventually, and Jenny came over the save me. To be fair I was a little out of it, and apprently began mumbling about quitting and then "just wanna ride" and then told her I was going to the car. Fixed the bike a bit, and then started riding. Next thing I know, I'm back on course and flying. Don't know what was going on in my mind, but people started cheering and yelling for "the crazy dude covered in blood". Next thing I know, I catch Vipond, catch Vince and I feel awesome. Other then the fact that I can't move my shoulder, can't shift due to serious wrist and thumb pain the the large blood loss coming from my knee. It was just one of those mentally on days. To prove how good I was feeling I managed to go from 6 minutes down on the pack to 14th place over the course of the hour. After finishing realized how much I hurt and Nick got even with me for wupping him by giving me some liquid from hell (I can only assume he stuck gasoline in his first aid kit) to clean my wounds out with. Went to Wendy's, stole some napkins to try and control my bleeding and then hit the road home. Got home, more cleaning of the wounds and then the discovery that my knee was both still bleeding and very much wide open. Told my mom to go lie down (afraid of blood) and got a ride from my dad to the emerg. 3 hours later, came out with 4 stitches in my right knee and enough hospital supplies to last me for a while. Good news is: new battle scars for the ladies, I can mostly move my shoulder again, the back pain has subsided, and my wrists are mostly mobile. Maybe a few days off the bike I'm told. Again, thanks to Bob for the wicked cross race (I know you too look forward to what Sandy will do next... especially with my nemesis Almonte next weekend!) and to all the crazy fans at the race who all happen to now know Sandy, that crazy dude leaning blood marks all over the course and barriers.


Mr. RWP said...

yes i saw some blood, i stopped and awe in amazement of that red mark on the barrier.

sandyf said...

stupid barrier got in my way. note, knee the barrier after losing most of the skin on your knee hurts.