Monday, November 26, 2007

an ode to indoor riding

Got you. In actuality, I greatly dislike the indoor training. Hate is a strong word. Especially since I still do it. None the less, got a solid 4 hours in today, therefor watched several stages of the 2006 Giro & Hitman. Shower, groceries and now time for some tea and homework. Getting to the time of the year where I do actually have some stuff to do. Either way, I've got a good feeling about this week training wise. Maybe something to do with the fact that it is warm-ish and raining outside. Really don't feel like doing homework right now. Or ever really. Kinda just want to put my legs up and watch a movie. Such is life apparently. Computer is acting kinda funny right now too, issues involving getting the ever important ride data from the SRM onto Cycling Peaks. Stupid technology making my life more complicated. Really should have taken the time for a nap today I think.


Keir said...

dont look at the 14 day trend

sandyf said...

to be fair. i stopped looking at the weather a long time ago. probably why snow on the ground one morning surprised me so.