Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Slowly loosing my mind

I just want to race. Actually right now, I just simply want to ride. The bandages will come off in a few minutes for the inspection. But screw it, I'm riding today. Managed to pass the non school time yesterday by watching bike races on and then heading out to the pub with a bunch of school mates/Toronto fans to watch the game. Glorious evening for Sandy and the one other Sens fan is all I can say. I may have even broken into song. Feeling pretty good this morning, slept in a little, my shoulder and wrists are feeling much better. Knee feels flexible minus all the bandages. Needless to say I want to race. Thinking, after looking at the course and prize purse for this weekend, that I really do want to race the UCI double header in Toronto this weekend. Gotta see how Vince feels about being down another employee for the weekend first. And get my bike back into shape, but I have the itch to suffer. Also, I need some cross movies to get me rockin again. I can't find any of my copies. So if any of you internet folk have a copy to lend of Transition (or the new Transition 2) or Pure Sweet Hell.... Ouch, according to the weather network it is still below zero and "snow" in Perth right now. Though I see no snow. Maybe I'll procrastinate a little longer before the ride. Wow, my virus program thing has just warned me that Internet Explorer is attempting to access the internet. I love Windows. I will now leave you with some pictures of Sandy en action in Kingston...

Early on. Chasing back into the race. And sorry, I remember very little.

Chasing hard with one of the cheering sections in the background.

Time for some 180 degree off-camber turns! Wicked course! How bout' those socks?

Bombin' down. Caught Vipond, check. Caught Vince, check. Slap Vince on the ass, check.

Assessing injuries and answering questions regarding my current state of mind. Ironic,
with the mental health institute directly behind the race.

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