Thursday, November 8, 2007

Its on

I'm pumped to race and ride beyond belief right now. I should be making an appearance at the Centennial Park UCI cross races this weekend. Time to turn on some after burners, not crash and pull out some good races. Another couple of decent hours on the road today. Cold though. Seriously cold out. Back into Ottawa tomorrow, ride with Keir in the AM, into the shop to prep my bike and make sure nothing is too damaged from last weekend's festivities. Final knee check. Then into the car with Nick, Jenny, & Ridely. Not super pumped about riding backseat with a cat (see cat allergies and puffy eyes), but I can deal. Not that I don't like cats in general, just don't like their allergic effects on me. Felt pretty good on the ride today, other than being a little cold. Shoulder and wrists appear to be running at 100%, knee feels ok. Not feeling broken at least. Gotta get myself packed, just did some laundry. Cook up a nice salmon dinner. Perhaps get started on some homework action. Usual. For now, I got stuff to take care of. We'll see how weekend updates go from the Vipond residence in Oshawa.

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