Sunday, November 18, 2007

Weekend update

No racing to report. Nothing really out of the ordinary. Not to much riding to date, heading out for a nice long-ish spin soon. Worked yesterday, watched the Sens game with some buddies in the evening followed by some original Nintendo/Mario 3 action on a 10ft. projection tele. Yes, you read correctly. The thing measures 10 ft corner to corner. Not only was the game wicked to watch (not because it was good hockey by any means), but you have not lived until you have been able to count the individual pixels in Mario. Oh, and Saturday morning I went were all middle aged baby boomer men go. Lee Valley. Needless to say, dropped some cash on some swanky new tools. I felt manly, yet old and annoyed. I really never want to need reading glasses to see the Lee Valley catalog. Work was productive, even managed to clean my bike and install some new wheels (say hello to Fulcrum Racing 5s) in preparation of the sale of my Power Tap. Picking up an SRM this week. Wicked, I'm pumped. Needless to say, I am now in the Power Tap selling marker. Power Tap SL, Campagnolo (will convert to Shimano with new freehub body if needed), 28 DT Swiss Revolution spokes, on nearly new Mavic Open Pro. Includes wiring harness and soon to be new computer head. Lets say $750, as a deal for you internet wankers. Tell your friends. Through some new bar tape on the old baby too, the white was wearing pretty thin and getting pretty grungy. Went with the extra gel padding of the black Easton for the winter. Little extra cushion and hopefully insulate my aluminum bar from getting my hands soooo cold a little better. Cold, yet sunny today. Spent my morning moving furniture and 340 lbs of washer/dryer so am somewhat excited to dress warmly and hit the road for a few hours. If for now other reason than to not be here at the house were I could be called to get to work at any second. Oh, and gotta go pick up some rollers this afternoon. Busy Sunday, I know. Little dinner tonight, then back off to the wonderful world of Perth. Next project, build back up the spring training bike. Sorry cross bike. Your time is done.

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