Monday, November 12, 2007

Weekend update

Day 2 of racing went somewhat better for me mechanical wise. Didn't feel great, plus the awesome 3 hour ride I did with Nick's sis Catherine Vipond at 7am that morning probably didn't help a huge amount. Actually, I think it did, and will help a lot in the long run. For the most part, I had a good start (from back row to 15th or so) but was just simply riding like a little old lady off her medication. I was overshooting corners, undershooting corners, and generally riding like someone who had never handled a corner before. Took me several laps to get comfortable. Finally settled into a grove, mashing my big ol' 42x26 up the steep, long climbs 16 times during the race. Started to blow pretty good with 2 laps to go to. Lost the wheel I was on, but held of the dude behind me. I was seriously shattered when I finished. Made the money though. Two spots out of decent cash, but in the money none the less. Either way, good training day. Good fun weekend. Headed back to Nick's parents place, where a smokin' good meal was waiting for us before we hit the road. Huge thanks out to them for putting me up and setting us up with food, gear and general support. Also thanks to Nick's buddy Matt for supplying me with his bike/Nick's spare on day one as an impromptu pit bike. Never done a cross bike change. But I think its about time to end my short cross campaign. Time to fully focus on next season and laying down that foundation. Hell, I even remembered my trainer this time! Spent about an hour cruising Perth on the fixie today, snapping pictures of old houses for an architecture assignment, and getting my stitches out at the hospital. I'm pretty sure the nurse working on me was about 80 and mostly blind. The sound of the woman dry heaving up a bloody seal next to me didn't help matters. Needless to say I was glad to get out of there. Chuckling at the fact that the nurse told me to "keep talking it easy for a few days", I proceed to remount my bike and ride home (irony?). I didn't have the heart to tell her what I do and did. Burned a copy of "Off Road to Athens" from the Vipond residence, so think I may watch that to get me pumped for the week of training this afternoon, before really settling down on this architecture assignment. Time to get some food in me too. Here's to decent training weather this week!

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