Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rain turns to snow, and other tails of winter

So my promising rain apparently turned to snow sometime around me falling asleep. But it's warmish again today, weather were I could ride outside if it wasn't for all the slush and snow on the roads. I'm afraid that it becomes slightly sketchy. Though trust me, I have considered it pretty thoroughly. Instead, I'm focusing my energies on downloading some new movies to entertain me for hours. Just got The Flying Scotsman, which I have been meaning to watch for some time now. Perhaps this will be the order of my evening spin. Morning class was a drag this morning, really didn't feel like getting up for drafting, especially with us having to work on computer drafting again today. We all know my general feelings on computers, and it mostly involves my foot in its screen. Got a few hours on the trainer again today, but first some food, rest and perhaps a nap in my class this afternoon. I can't help it. You try staying awake for a 3 hour slide show presentation. Things aren't looking good out there for some of you cyclocross folk, 2 straight cancellations? Life seems to be flying along lately, perhaps I need to develop a non school/cycling life. On a separate note, I think my trainer may be preparing itself to self implode. Either that or I'm a beast cause the flywheel in the back gets so hot after my rides that it is getting on the verge of burning my hand when I touch it. Let the countdown begin.

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