Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Back to life

Early morning class today, followed by a glorious 3 hour ride through the quiet roads around here. Apparently like 10 degrees, and I believe it. Pretty upset that I had to spend the afternoon sitting in a classroom for 3 hours. Had to hand in a project. On the plus side got my last big one back (20% of my mark) and absolutely owned it. 92% styles. Thats how I roll. I figure this should allow me to not attend this class the next time (if there is a next time) it is this nice out. Logical, no? Got home, relaxed by the computer (recovery time is just as important as training time!) and then returned my houses empty beer bottles. Actually, more appropriately, traded in our empties for a new full case. Needless to say, I enjoyed a nice cold brew with my sloppy joes and potato casserole thing tonight. Now, tea or lemon water with my cake? Such decisions could very well effect the quality of my evening. I'm feeling a movie night. Stick the legs up and celebrate the fact that I have no pressing homework. Supposed to be like 12 out tomorrow too, I'm feeling long ride. Also feel like falling asleep early like the true cycling, party animal I am. But back onto the road of life, slowly meandering down towards christmas, and a new race season...
Pamplemousse. (What a wonderful word. I want one.)

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