Thursday, November 15, 2007


Nothing much to report here. Watching some movies, and relaxing after a long day. Early shop class, 3 hours on the bike, followed by safety class. On the plus side I get to go out and learn to properly operate a chainsaw and quicksaw. Look up quicksaw on the net, apparently its got some "wicked kickback". Nothing like a 140 lbs. cyclist operating some serious power tools. Ride was good today, cruised the roads for 3 hours. Legs felt pretty decent, got the urge to hammer a few times again (held off) and generally remained pretty happy that the rain held off. One more day of class before the weekend. Pretty much looking forward to it. Gotta buy some more tools I think soon again. Hopefully I can post some this weekend, maybe even some more exciting stuff. Otherwise perhaps I'll have to dig up something cool to post about. Life is really pretty bland this time of year.

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