Friday, November 23, 2007


So I cracked. 3 solid hours of trainer time yesterday. Blew through the work that had to be done, finished off some more this morning in English, little more to do this weekend I fear. No worries. Still sweating like a madman as I curse out my window at the still falling snow. As optimistic/closed minded as I am, I don't think this stuff is leaving for a while. So, I am giving up on this option and choosing to focus instead on the early melt of the snow in the spring. I'm thinking in February sometime. Ideally right around my birthday. Today will actually be a day off the bike. Home after shop class, could be a slow drive, and then check in with my happening social network. I think there may be some type of party action going down. Maybe drop by if I don't fall asleep. Roller ride tomorrow, cause I'm not nuts like some of the local xc ski folk to be skiing on the thin layer of snow above the concrete. Then the usual Saturday at the shop, dinner with the grandparents, and hopefully some form of long workout on Sunday. Keir and I made plans to go for a long ride outside, but we may have to reconsider. We'll see how crazy the kid is. Cause I'm a man of my word. I just don't intend on being a solo nutjob on the roads. Maybe a long hike... For now, I've got an hour until shop class. Just enough time to make some food and get back to school.

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