Thursday, November 29, 2007

school, not so much

I'm enjoying this program. Just not the need to attend class lately. I'm really actually hoping exams hurry up and get here so I can be done for a while. One more week of classes after this one finishes, tomorrow. In other news, I have further gone Belgian in my breakfast choices. I bought a box of PC chocolate granola cereal stuff. On sale because its new, or not enough Belgian folks in the country. Either way, tried it out this morning in my yogurt. Pretty good, I must say. It'll be a nice treat for a while. My room is a mess, and I keep putting off cleaning it. Gotta get on that.
In other news, I am now a full fledged nutjob. In case there was any doubt in your minds. Somehow my brain convinced the rest of my body that it would be a good idea to ride outside yesterday. Three hours it cried, no more. Then you can hop back on the trainer to finish the day off (?). Dressed up warmly, but seriously. Can you really dress warmly for a ride when the high is something like -10 plus wind chill? The answer is no. Got to my hour and a half turn around point, and looked down to find that I had flatted my front tubular on my trusty Gerber fixie. Oh, and both my bottles were frozen solid (even in my pockets) after 1 hour. Damn. With it seeming to be a slow leak, I decided my best option (aka option that would not have me getting frostbite trying to peel off a tubular) would be to simple keep stopping every 15 minutes, pump in 30 psi of air and then keep riding along. Little bit of rim riding, but it worked. I had it down to an art. left the valve core open, whipped the pump of of my back pocket, furiously pumped for about 20 seconds and then continued along. The worst part is, this has happened before (though with a clincher) and it always seems like a good idea. I was so cold when I got home, I made some tea, stripped off a few layers and hopped on the trainer for a while to get some sweat going and re-gain feeling in my extremities. The cold takes a lot out of you apparently. I was wasted the rest of the evening. Needless to say, I think I'll be riding the trainer today.

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