Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Winter (shudder)

Went from super pumped to get up early for a long day in the saddle to going back to sleep. Nearly in tears. I mean damn, its not even bloody December yet. I know the malls have been dressed up since July sometime... None the less, got my planned day done. And some. Was a little distressed about the idea of a long trainer ride this morning, so decided to head into the shop and get the ol' SRM installed and ready to rock. Took a little longer than expected, but got er' done. Looks hot, but my bike is currently quite the training tank with its current wheels and this new crank. No worries, swap for race wheels and I'll feel like I'm flying come the races. Drove home, changed and set up the trainer here in my room. Forgot one thing though, how much one sweats while riding on the spot for the first time in the season. Seriously, even with the open window, I need a flipping fan or something. Luckily I put some mats down to dampen the noise as I discovered after 4 hours of saddle time (aka one episode of the Office and the 2 disc 2006 Paris-Roubaix) a massive puddle of my sweat. Also a good thing I drank so much water. like 7 bottles in throughout the ride. Seriously pondered leaving school for the winter term as well and moving somewhere warm-ish. At very least snow free. I gotta get the winter trainer bike built asap this weekend. Maybe steal a fan from home. Either way, time to go grab some salmon leftovers from last night and more fluids. Got another 3 hours to do tomorrow, and only some prayers that the snow is gone enough to allow me outside without danger of being run down by some hicks.

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