Thursday, November 22, 2007

Change of plans

So apparently I have some work today so far, so may be swapping my planned rest day for tomorrow with today's wide. Apparently, without knowing it I might add, I have let a few school things pile up. Not to worry, I have a full 2:45 minutes until the first one is due, and then until tomorrow until I should have the rest done. Nothing like a little added pressure. I think I want to track down some snowshoes this season. From what I can tell, the xc skiing around here may be far from adequate, but with "des raquettes" (I re-freshing my French for this coming road season) I can wander around through the woods and get lost for hours. Plus I think I've found some hiking trails or something. Maybe back country skis too. Maybe win the lottery... Such grand plans. While I'm at at, maybe I'll just move back to my Italian villa on my winery in the Italian Dolomites. But for now, I'll settle for some lunch and nice big bodem of coffee. A man's gotta have his brew (and its too early for a pilsner) with his work. I'm thinking, time dependent, on doing my own weekly "rules of the Euro cyclist" bit here on the blog. Look at stuff like Euro-logic (which I love), traditions in racing, and how to be a hard man. We'll see how this goes, but it could be entertaining and give me something to ponder and work out while riding that bloody trainer. Only a few weeks of school left in this semester. I can't believe I've lasted 1/4 the way through my degree. I guess I lost that bet. I leave you with a picture of my bike. Cause it, along with the plentiful snow out my window was what I saw first thing this morning.

Stevens Vuelta: Record, SRM, Fulrum Racing 5, Pro PLT cockpit.
aka. the tank. I love my tank.

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Jamie said...

Sandra you don't know what a tank is, I have just recently added fenders, bullet-proof tubes, and some nice large (and heavy) tires to the Creakvelo. thing goes uphill like a dream....