Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The knee, it heals

4 hours on the bike today. Ridiculously easy, even by my easy Euro standards. Knee held up, even with the cold. Actually really cold today, bundled up with some serious layer action. On the plus side, bandages off. Things look to be healing nicely. Talked to boss man, looks like I should be good to go for a weekend of UCI cross race action. Do one more long-ish ride tomorrow to see for sure. More news to come in the coming days regarding Sandy's plans for next season. Some details are beginning to work themselves out. Stay tuned on that end. For now, I'm tired, full of burritos and try to focus on knee healing and getting back to 100% for a long winter on cold training. Maybe eventually I'll actually remember to bring a trainer and some rollers out here. Stupid dark at 5 o'clock deal.

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