Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Wrists are basically good, shoulder is still super sore and stiff, and the knee feels surprisingly decent. Unless I bend it much. Needless to say, I am heeding some wise advice and letting it heal a bit before I get back on the bike. On the other hand, this has left me with a decent amount of newly acquired free time and a lack of real mobility. Can you say movies? To be honest, I think I'm nearing the cracking point. Not sure if I'll be able to survive 3 hours of Architectural conservations without a ride in my legs. I'm going stir crazy. My brain is trying to convince me that 1-2 hour super easy ride won't hurt. My knee doesn't want to blow out any stitches, especially considering I would like to race again next weekend. Even considering the Toronto UCI double header. Assuming Vince can man the shop solo. Maybe I'll talk to him later. I'll also have to do some serious work to the cross bike I think to get it back to ridable/race able shape. Though to be fair, it didn't implode at Kingston... All I know is I better be ride ready tomorrow, I have no idea what I'd do with a whole day in Perth without riding or class. I have no doubt I'll crack by tomorrow. Maybe I'll peel off the bandages and take a look. Pretty bland out today otherwise, at least its not raining as predicted yet. Even a little sunny. Sandy out.

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