Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Belgian weather

I like Wednesdays. No class, so even with this current shortage of daylight, I can take my time in the mornings, have a nice breakfast and coffee, maybe sleep in a little, and still fit in 5 or so hours on the bike. That basically sums up my day. Turned off my alarm, got that key extra 30-45 minutes under the covers, made myself my usual morning concoction of muselli & cereal with yogurt, some toast and a nice big bodem of Kicking Horse coffee. Relaxed with the internet for a bit, checking on the world (actually mostly my Facebook and cycling news) and then proceeded to get changed and ready. Pretty warm again today, though the dark clouds and high winds didn't help matters. No worries, basic Belgian day. 5 hours, rain or shine. So I dressed up nice and warm, plugged in the ipod and hit the road. Some serious headwind action for the first 2.5 or 3 hours plus some rain and what felt like hail off and on. Body felt good. Nothing like a long ride to clear the head and to feel good about yourself and what you do. As long as what you do is ride your bike. Or at very least enjoy such an activity. Got home, and made an omelet to fill the stomach and some tea to warm my core back up. Time for some pasta for dinner with some fish, some lounging time in front of the tele, and hopefully a nice early-ish bed time. Such is the life. Back to Ottawa for the weekend again soon, but no cross again this weekend for me. I'm pretty sure my season is wrapped up now. Hope everyone is enjoying what could possibly the last of the warm weather for some time. The weather on my homepage has informed me that snow is possible later this week. Not liking that much. Wankers.

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